Vreeken Bouvardia is a genuine example of a family firm with growing experience stretching back four generations, and a leading grower of Bouvardia. With all our years of experience, knowledge and drive we produce reliable Bouvardias all year round that are shipped to our satisfied customers from three sites every day.

Towards the end of 2015 the nursery will be expanded to cover 5 hectares. From the start of 2016 we will be able to supply 6 different varieties of Bouvardia, grown sustainably where possible. 

The Bouvardia has a rich history. Its name can be traced back to Charles Bouvard, physician to Louis XIII and head of the Jardin du Roi in Paris. The special flower has a chic appearance that drew attention in the royal court as early as the 17th century. 

Selective propagation and new varieties have seen the Bouvardia grow into a beautiful flower that keeps well. Bouvardia have a vase life of 14 days.

Nowadays the Bouvardia is a welcome addition to any bouquet arrangement. Wanna know more about bouvardia?


 Bouvardia informatie



Our products

We work throughout the year to grow fresh, top-quality products at three sites. We currently have three varieties available: ‘Bouvardia Diamond White’, a beautiful white double-flowering variety; ‘Royal Daphne Fresco’, a single-flowering variety with bright pink clusters, and the single-flowering 'Royal Roza', the showpiece of Vreeken Bouvardia. The Roza has a unique cerise pink colour and a sturdy stem, carrying a large umbel.

The range will be extended from March 2016 with another three varieties in the colours baby pink, coral red and violet. This will enable us to offer you a wide range and more than enough to choose from.

All our Bouvardias are available throughout the year, with stem lengths of 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm.  


Unique project with direct current

Vreeken Bouvardia is the instigator of a new and unique partnership for supplementary light using direct current. Several parties are involved in our expansion plans. The three most important are Vreeken Innovaties, Stichting Glastuinbouw Nederland (SGN) and Direct Current. In addition there are other interested parties, such as the local authority of Harlemmermeer, energy company Liander and various grant providers.

Lighting powered by direct current is more sustainable and cost effective. In a traditional alternating current system, the electronic choke generates a lot of energy which is lost, and it has been shown that the service life of DC equipment is longer. And less wiring is required for systems powered by direct current. This saves on resources. Lastly, direct current fittings are more compact and are less expensive than traditional fittings. In direct current systems the light intensity can be set for individual flower beds. The light need not shine on a recently cut crop, for instance. That saves on energy costs, not least in view of the fact that, in the fullness of time, the CHP will also be able to run on DC.

The work involved in our project starts in October 2015 and the first Bouvardias are expected to be ready in March 2016. 

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